Gonz: Transworld’s Most Influential Skater


Trying to pinpoint the turning points in the skateboarding career of Mark Gonzales is no easy task. There are simply too many to mention, and perhaps we will never know the true influence that The Gonz has had, without him it would be difficult to know where we might be today. One thing that has struck me about Mark has been his constant ability to change. While never one to sit still, his sense of adventure, be it into the new realms of skateboarding or simply new cities, has never ceased. An accomplished artist, writer, painter, poet, and actor, Mark has tried his hand at a lot of other careers with great success. But he will forever be remembered as a skateboarder, without a doubt the most influential that there’s ever been. – Skin Phillips (who is also featured in our 2013 Photo Annual that’s out this week)

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