Joel Tudor By Nolan Hall


Joel Tudor, Pipeline

“I swam out at pipeline this evening with my Nikonos-V dive camera. Joel and a few other guys were out surfing. I wouldn’t classify myself as a water photographer in any way, but I had been bodysurfing a lot that trip and decided to jam out and snap off a few photos. I ran into my friend Kyle Maclennan in the lineup who was also shooting, and we’re were taking bombs in the impact zone, I think we both got bounced off the bottom on a cleanup set. Anyway, Joel (Tudor) ended up stroking into this one and I somehow landed right in front of him and clicked off this photo. Nikonos cameras are film cameras that are not automatic, so you only get one chance at getting a shot. This is what I ended up with.”
—Nolan Hall
See this image and many more at Nolan’s Los Angeles exhibition, ‘Peregri’, opening April 2 at Paul Loya Gallery, 2677 S. La Cienega Blvd, LA 90034. 6-9PM. 

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