Eleventh Hour

Monster Children,

Been visiting your website for about a year now and I guess it’s alright. But the thing is you’ve got a serious problem and it’s probably as bad as that vent in the death star, so you should fix it before Luke Skywalker (me) fires proton torpedoes at it. See the problem is that none of your contributors cover what’s going on in England and it’s pretty fucking sick here. Case in point being the film my mate Jake Harris just made, Eleventh Hour. Even if you ignore the rest of this email, you need to grab a copy because it might be the best independent skate video to come out of England in the past decade. I love skateboarding, I’ve done it for ages and I’m currently living in Manchester doing a degree in History. So I think you should definitely hire me so we can start addressing this problem together. I’ve even enclosed my CV but honestly you don’t even need to pay me, I just think it would be rad if you had some stuff from the UK in your magazine.


Kind Regards, Adam Comber.

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