Waves on Mars?

Last year, news broke that NASA had discovered liquid water on Mars. Inspired by the breakthrough, Trevor Gordon, Spencer Gordon and Landon Smith decided to take it one step further, and investigate whether there was a good left on the red planet.

They enlisted Foster Huntington to film the adventure and then lifted off into outer space. Except instead of making it to the moon, they sailed to Baha. This is the story of a bunch of guys taking Trevor and his wife’s 36-foot Catalina, the Brisa, for a month long trip covering just over 1000 nautical miles. We asked Foster why everyone needs to do something like this once in their lives, and he said:

“Traveling at 6 miles per hours, the speed of the sailboat forces you to slow down. At first it drove me crazy but after a week or so I settled down and got in the swing of things. You find entertainment in the small, simple things—reading, hoping a fish bites, and swapping bullshit stories. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

Photos by Foster Huntington and Landon Smith






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