Watch: The Kills’ Doing It To Death

Palm trees, polka dots and sunny skies. What better setting for a waltz through a cemetery?

Just follow the choir of the Kills. And can I say, never has a graveyard looked so god-damned good. The effortless cool of Allison Mosshart and Jamie Hince is never-fucking-ending. Ironically this funeral procession is the first sign of life we’ve seen from the pair in five years, but five hand surgeries in half a decade can’t keep Hince’s fingers from the guitar; despite having to re-learn his craft. The duo’s newest single, “Doing It To Death”, doesn’t skip a beat from band’s previous catalog of grit-grinding musical bliss.

Where are they going? Where did the dancers’ heads go? Did their arms just disappear? How does Mosshart make sitting on a moving hearse look so easy? We may never know.
If you need me, I’ve gone to buy a leather jacket.
Ash & Ice is due out June 3, 2016.

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