From the Mag: Printed Matter

monster-children-printed-matter-4Grant Hatfield

In issue 49 of the magazine, we printed a bunch of glorious matter. Here are some of the best images from the feature. To see the rest, grab a a copy of issue 49 here.

monster-children-printed-matter-49-3Neave Bozorgi

monster-children-printed-matter-8Neave Bozorgi

monster-children-printed-matter-5Warren Smith

monster-children-printed-matter-3Warren Smith

monster-children-printed-matter-49-1Sammy Winter by Andrew Peters

monster-children-printed-matter-49-pic-1Dane Reynolds by Morgan Maassen

monster-children-printed-matter-1Noa Deane by John Respondek

monster-children-printed-matter-49-pic-2Ray Barbee Anthony Acosta

monster-children-printed-matter-49-2Alex Knost by Nolan Hall



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