MC x Budweiser Presents Laneway

Laneway Festival rode on through Sydney in an F150 last weekend, and we were there to capture it in all its amber persuaded glory. We parked our tray full of Bud tins in the center of it all and invited members of Health, Methyl Ethel and Airling in for a good old-fashioned chin wag. A mask-clad Kirin J Callinan and Laneway founder Danny Rogers were also kind enough slide in to answer a couple questions asked by Monster Children’s Jason Crombie. Throw a bunch of unruly festival-goers into the mix, and you’ve got yourself one bell-ringer of a video.

Enjoy our recap video and then peruse some of Maclay Heriot’s miscellaneous Laneway shots below. Thanks Bud. Thanks Laneway.

monster-children-laneway-maclay-8 monster-children-laneway-maclay-7 monster-children-laneway-maclay-6  monster-children-laneway-maclay-1 monster-children-laneway-maclay-2 monster-children-laneway-maclay-3 monster-children-laneway-maclay-4


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