NCHE Wetsuits



Let’s face it: the wetsuit game is a crowded ring to throw your hat in to. It’s a ring full of multi-million dollar surf labels with huge corporate backing, it takes years of product R&D and extensive technical knowledge and even when you get the product right, how do you confidently order on minimums or even try and compete with the big brands? You do what NCHE (Sometimes known as November, Charlie, Hotel, Echo) is doing and bring out a line of premium products, sans fluoro sleeves and big logos, at an affordable price.

NCHE is the brainchild of former World Tour surfer Jarrad Howse, ex-Billabong marketing dude Simon Barratt, and Fashion Designer / Surfer Michael Eaton. The trio have developed this brand over the last few years to get the right stitch, stretch and materials, drained a bunch of money into production, and released a full line of suits in October, 2015.

Their ideology is fairly simple, but overlooked thus far. No zips mean more stretch, no middleman retailers mean a lower price, and minimalist design means subtly in the water.

Get a better looking suit at a fraction of the price here.




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