Mexibro 2016

monster-children-steve-lee-mexibro-6Words and Images by Steve Lee

What happens when you get invited to Spanky’s dad’s surf shack in Mexico for the New Year with a few other bros? I guess you Mexi-bro. 

The crew was pretty solid—Spanky, Tino Razo, Nuge, Nathan Kostechko, Cody Simmons, Neckface, and babygirl Jason Landau. Located just south of Puerto Nuevo, we call his dad’s spot K55. I’m assuming that’s’ the kilometer marker off the highway. The house, built on top of a pre-existing trailer home, is located on the cliff overlooking the beach. For three days bros were able to surf whenever, drink brews all day, and repeat as oft as necessary. The missions to find deserted pools to skate and eating fish tacos from the random stand setups near the highway were also a plus. Going to Rosarito to find weed and acid also may or may not have happened. I guess in the blur I managed to shoot off a roll of Tri-X. Hopefully you can feel the Mexibro vibes, too!

monster-children-steve-lee-mexibro-8Cody, Tino, & Nathan



monster-children-steve-lee-mexibro-5 Nathan



monster-children-steve-lee-mexibro-9Babygirl & Cody



monster-children-steve-lee-mexibro-13Cody, Nathan, Babyg




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