Todd Francis will be at The Design Conference 2016

That’s right, our favourite offensive illustrator and iconic skateboard graphic artist Todd Francis has been announced as the fifth international guest speaker for the upcoming The Design Conference by Analogue Digital in Brisbane this May.

Todd has been creating the iconic skateboard graphics and artwork for over 20-years for Anti-Hero (He also designed the original logo), Spitfire, Real Skateboards, Element, Stereo and way too many more to mention. It’s no secret we’re a big fan of Todd’s and we’ll be heading to Brisbane to sit in the front row and record every word he says, using it as gospel for months to come. You should do the same, and right now they’re offering tix for just $99 (but they’ll go to $299 at 10pm tonight, so don’t fuck around).

todd-francis-mc-600-3 todd-francis-mc-600 todd-francis-mc-600-2

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