Night Beats ‘No Cops’ by Riley Blakeway

Our good pal Riley Blakeway has just Written/Directed and Edited the new music video, ‘No Cops’ for the Seattle Psychedelic group, Night Beats. We asked Riley to give us a run down of the filming and what went down when pretending to be law enforcement officers in LA.

“At one point we were driving through downtown shooting pickup shots inside the car and I noticed a bunch of people start to stare at us.  Johan was in the back with duct tape over his mouth, Marc (the actor playing the cop) was driving the car, dressed as a detective.  He had suspenders, prop gun in holster and detective badge showing.  I was in the front seat sitting with the camera and a bunch of props.  We drove right past the downtown police station and 6 cops standing out the front had their eyes glued to the car.  I started sweating.

 We drove past two more cops at an intersection and one of them was hanging out the window staring inside the car as he drove by.  Literally half of his body was hanging out the car window.

We all looked straight ahead and I was stiff as a board.  Johan still had the duct tape on.  We pulled up to an intersection and I saw the reflection of cop car lights in front of us.  I yelled, “shit, I think we’re being pulled over”.  But I looked in the rear vision and no one was there.  It was the reflection of our police lights on the car in front of us.  We’d driven all the way through downtown Los Angeles during rush hour in a detective car with the cop lights on.  I later found out the repercussions for filming this type of thing without a permit when I returned the car to the studio vehicle rental.  We got super lucky.”

Night Beats’ new album Who Sold My Generation is expected for release on January 29, 2016.

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