Mikey Wright in ‘Rage’

This clip reminds me of the very first time I consumed ecstasy, sorry Mum it’s all true.

Not because that haircut of his looks like it belongs on an ecstasy dealer, but because it was at a festival with Rage Against The Machine. I was barley old enough to be there and drink beer, but I was there and the sole reason was to see Rage later that night, all I had to do was not drink a stupid amount so I could remember it, simple right? Wrong. Halfway through the evening with only hours to go until they were set to take the stage my best friend offers me half an ecstasy tablet, he’d been doing them for a while so I thought he was handing me a safe dose of the drug, which he did. It was my own stupid fault, the typical first timer, ”This doesn’t work, give me more!” obvious signs of it slowly seeping into my blood stream. One whole ecstasy tablet later and there I am, waking up in a St Johns Ambulance hooked up to heart rate monitors with¬†paramedics by my side, along with a worried young girl. Anyway, I come to and all I remember hearing was the opening to ‘Testify’, I quickly downed some water which half satisfied the paramedics, left the young girl, removed the wires from chest and ran to the main stage,¬†just in time for, yep you guessed “KILLING IN THE NAME OF!” chants from the crowd. Drugs are bad.

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