Jacob Howard


Jacob Howard owns the finger behind the shutter that pressed its way to glory when it won the Travel category of the 2015 MC Photo Comp. The image left us wanting more, so we asked Jacob to send us a Whitman’s sampler of his work, along with some answers to our queries. 

What are you going to do with the 5k you won?

To be honest, I haven’t decided yet. But it could be quite nice to invest the money into some more photo missions, along with a couple of cold beers to keep me going.

What was the first photo competition you won?

This is my first big win. Cheers MC!



If you could teach young photographers just starting out one lesson, what would it be?

Shoot what you are truly passionate about; find your unique point of view.

What is the one shot that got away?

I recently sat on top of a mountain in India—I had it all to myself, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was a really old man. I introduced myself to him. He tried to talk to me, but he had no voice. So we both stood there frozen, a bit confused, just looking at each other. Finally, he pointed at my camera and we reached a wordless understanding. I stepped back and set up my shot. He stood there dead still, expressionless. Then he gave me a nod and I clicked the frame. When I showed him his portrait his eyes lit up. He gave me a strong double-handed handshake, and the biggest, warmest, toothless smile. This was the frame I wish I had clicked.

If you have to evacuate and only take one camera with you, which would it be?

I have pretty much shot my last camera to death, so I would gladly leave it behind. I am googling new cameras right now, so I will be ready when the time comes! I would be very happy with a new medium format camera. Perhaps a Mamiya.









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