EXHIBIT: Jed De Pyper “People, Watching”


Jed De Pyper is a Sydney based artist, who’s fine tuned his mad skills adrift the choppy seas of design, tattooing and traditional paint / pen on paper. He once drew the best Pineapple and Galleon Ship on my forearms that I ever did see.



I had a chat to him today about his works and specifically his new collection of curiosities which opens this week in Darlington Sydney. 

Congratulations on your show. Is this your first gallery show? Or has there been group ones? How has the process been in getting this show together? 

Thanks a lot! This one’s my second show. Had my first solo show, which was actually my first ever in July last year. It’s been rewarding and fulfilling. I took a month off work to get the pieces done. Which means I’m a little broke, but if I try to work and paint at the same time my productivity suffers big time.


Tell us about your juggle between tattooing and printed art… Do you find there is a major difference (aside from the medium) between the two? 

Well my tattooing is the bread and butter at the moment. The art is more a personal outlet. Although, having said that I’m pretty lucky with my tattooing because my clients generally come to me for what I do and put their trust in me to do what I want. I guess the main difference (apart from the application) is that one has a brief from a client with parameters and the other is an open brief to myself.

The intimacy of tattooing art on someone to an inanimate object must have it’s pros and cons, do you want to talk through some of these? 

Yeah, tattooing is very personal and you are quite intimate with the client while you’re tattooing them, it’s a great, human experience because you’re there with them during quite a painful ritual that often has a significant meaning or is special to them. I love that part of it. You get amazing feedback.Painting or making art on the other hand is a one man show. It’s you, your head and the canvas. Which is almost more challenging because your only limitations are your own self doubt and thoughts.

If you could describe the inside of your mind with 5 items from a bric a brac  shop what would it be?

A pocket knife. An Art Deco lamp shaped like a palm tree. A motorcycle helmet with worn out paint. An “…and Justice for All” vinyl. A 70s three stripe sport t-shirt.

Jed’s show “People, Watching” opens from 6pm,  on Wednesday 13th January at the Sheffer Gallery, 38 Lander Street, Darlington.
More of Jed’s work is here

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