You remember in the 2000s when MySpace hit and took the web by storm—reinventing the way in which we, as humans, would link up and make sex? 

If you do, then you’ll remember how cool Jerry Hsu’s was: there was a photo of him eating out a cat, another of him with bleached hair and a broken jaw, and another of him lighting a cig with his thumb on fire. I didn’t have to Google that shit, it’s burned into my memory. Just like the lyrics of New Order’s “Age of Consent” is burned into everyone’s memory. And the Storm Flip. And the backflip on the cell phone in a bunny costume.  And the “I just came in my pants” Bag of Suck ender. All this shit is unforgettably and effortlessly cool, as you already know. Even his bails are cool, albeit brutal and stomach-turning. Jerry Hsu forced progress in a lot of ways—what people thought was possible on a skateboard and how stylishly things could be executed—while he reinforced the fact that skateboarders surpass the rest of the planet in humor, creativity, and work ethic.

Here’s a fresh take on a career that we’re all too familiar with, chopped and screwed by the infamous Manolo in collaboration with Emerica. Call him the Asian Elvis if you want, but at this point I’d rather just call Elvis the Ugly, Fat, White Hsu. Thanks Jerry!

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