Behind the shot: Woody Gooch’s Butterfly in the Rain


Every time we post Woody Gooch’s winning lifestyle shot from our 2015 MC Photo Comp, we get comments and emails from a bunch of naysayers who cry foul over his image. Many simply refuse to accept that the image isn’t digitally manipulated. So, we decided to finally put the rumours to rest and get the story behind the shot, straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s Woody’s recount of the day, accompanied by a bunch of outtakes from the same shoot to bolster his claim. Suckers. It’s real.

“I originally went out to my local creek (photo location) to shoot my friend swimming. The weather was a little moody but there wasn’t any sign of rain. After 10 minutes of mucking around it started to do the best interpretation of a Sunshine Coast pour down and we jumped into the creek. I noticed the butterfly struggling from the rain holding it down and wetting its wings, so I told my friend to get it out and put it onto the rocks and as she had it on her finger, it came to life. I told her to swim under a number of times until I got the shot I was looking for. Suckers. It’s real.”





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