Kelly Slater’s Wave pool is Legit

Hold the phone. The eve after the World Title Race was decided in unfavourable conditions out Pipeline, Mr. Kelly Slater has set out to change the game of surfing as we know it by unveiling his long spoken about wave pool.

The location of the wave pool itself is currently disclosed, but we got word that it’s somewhere near Mt. Isa. We strongly suggest all surfers currently situated along the East Coast of Australia to scrape the wax off the nose of your boards, tie your leg-ropes around your fins, strap your mini-mal to the roof racks and to start heading inland as KS isn’t fucking around, this thing is legit. With legitimacy comes curiosity and many questions are being asked. Will we now see the first artificial wave location on tour? Will surfing suddenly find it’s way to the Olympics? Is it true L. Ron Hubbard helped Kelly with the plans for the first prototype?

Jimmy, I just want to know one thing. Is there a left or what?

Check out more on the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

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