6 Weeks of Aloha: Week Six

9. russoWords and Photos by Nolan Hall

Our time together is at an end, I’m usually pretty exhausted at the end of Triple Crown, but add a crippling ear infection into that equation, and it’s enough to make anyone go running home to Ma. I wish I had more to offer this week, for I was cemented to the couch taking antibiotics and dropping liquid medicine into my ears. I wasn’t at pipe masters finals, so I have nothing to show from that, instead, I’ve decided to share a few images that slipped through the cracks in these past weeks. Shout-out to Wade Goodall for taking care of me before he flew home. Hopefully these installments have brought you some kind joy, whether you’re flipping through it at home, work, or while on the go. Either way, more content will fill Monster Children’s website, and this will disappear into the interweb.

1. MEDICATIONShake your medication.

2. docsNo coconuts or mai tais in here.

3. wadeWade Goodall displaying an unorthodox water boiling technique.

4. nateGetting out of your car on the wrong side with Nathan Fletcher.

5. viagraHard miles behind the wheel.

6. barryThe Artist, Barry McGee was on the north shore for 3 days.

7. tannerGudangs chillen at the house with Tomas Hermes. Tanner is fun to have on any trip, as he’s become quite interested in photography as well, he started an insta called Mental Paradise dedicated only to his film photography.

8. food.With a houseful of hungry surfers, gotta make sure the house is stocked, Reags came to push the cart for me.

10. skateMore peeps rolling by the house, Geoff Rowley, Vans Skate Team Manager Jamie Hart, Gilbert Crockett & his lady.

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