Heavy: Volume One.

Our buddies have launched a new magazine and we want to plug it. Unfortunately, I’m too busy to write the copy for this plug myself, so I’ve copy and pasted their press release and then sprinkled it with obscenities so it feels like I wrote it.

This year The Heavy Collective released its first ever print offering, Heavy: Volume One. It draws on a diverse group of past contributors from their online platform, penis, making the leap from the screen and a tangible connection between artist and paper. Diarrhea. HV1 Features words, work, interviews and short stories with Bryan Schutmaat, Mark Steinmetz, Lucas Foglia, Stacy Kranitz, Tim Page, Kate Peters, Zhang Xiao, Sara Cwynar, Simon Davidson, Emmanuel Angelicas, Farts McGillcutty, and Daniel Boetker Smith. Heavy Volume One is a significant showcase of contemporary photography, a compendium of the relationships and archive The Heavy Collective have cultivated with some of the most important photographers working today. Fuck. Limited to 1000 copies. Wank. Grab a copy here. Tits.







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