LENS: Ryan Allan

monster-children-ryan-allan-lens-12Photos by Ryan Allan

Cat’s outta the bag—Ryan Allan won the action category of our MC Photo Comp, sponsored by Patagonia. To prove he’s not a one trick pony, here’s an entire buffet of photographic delicacies shot by the man himself, along with a couple cheeky answers to the questions we asked about his win. You can buy the photo annual with Ryan’s triumphant picture in it here.



What are you gonna do with the 5k you won from us?

Well lets be honest here. Its 5K AUD. I mean first I have to take that toy money to a bank that exchanges foreign currency. Once Im over the shockingly low exchange rate I’ll begin the internal struggle of putting it on an a bloated credit card balance or spend it on a very nice piece of Zeiss glass I’ve been eyeing up—that is of course IF 5kAUD can cover such costs. I’ll have to let you know how that goes.

What was the first photo competition you ever won? 

You’re looking at it. I don’t normally enter these types of things due to a crippling fear of ridicule.



If you could teach young photographers who are just starting out one important lesson, what would it be?

I actually answer this one a lot and I still stand by my previous answers. Learn to network and get very good at it. Don’t skip parties to binge watch Netflix. 

Is there a skateboarder you’re yet to shoot?

So many. But Im not really hung up on chasing those childhood dreams anymore. Now I just want to shoot cool locations. That seems to be trumping everything lately. (That means Gonz, but I’m too embarrassed to just say it.)

You have to evacuate and can only grab one camera to bring with you. Which is it?

The one thats closest to the door obviously. That rules out my 4×5 and leaves me with one of the DSLRs. Maybe the new Sony A7rii my wife and I got. It hasn’t had a chance to shine and who am I to deprive it of that?








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