Bejing Has Closed

monster-children-bejing-pollutionPhoto via Shanghai Daily

The city of Bejing has officially shut down, with all schools closed until midday Thursday, it has been reported.

The smog in the Chinese capital has hit an all time high, with the city declaring a ‘red alert’ in an attempt to protect its 21 million residents from the polluted air. According to The Independent, the air has become so poisonous, that many of the city’s dwellers cannot see beyond 200m in front of them. Worse yet, the World Health Organization considers anything over 25 micrograms of poisonous particles per cubic metre as unsafe, and guess what air pollution monitors in some areas of Bejing are clocking? More than 256 micrograms.

Along with schools shutting down, construction and other industry in Bejing will be limited until winds are expected to blow the smog out of the capitol and on to the next poor set of neighboring lungs by nightfall. Still, there have been no restrictions on car emissions, because who wants to use their legs? They are strictly there for bending into the sitting position. Also can you believe Kim and Kanye just called their baby Saint West? I simply can’t. Honk if you agree.

Here’s a bunch of clever Bejingers getting in the spirit by outlining landmarks obscured by the smog, via Wu Jie News






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