6 Weeks of Aloha: Week Four

monster-children-surfdogPhotos and Words by Nolan Hall

Week four just happened; the Eddie Aikau ceremony went down, Vans World Cup ended & everyone got dressed up for the Surfer Poll Awards.

I drifted over to John John’s house a few days ago, to find him knee-deep into making a batch of IPA from one of those home beer brew kits. John is/has always been a super curious kid, he gets a little interested in how something works, and he dives into it—whether it’s sailing, photography, or some pale ale science kit he got off Amazon. I also attended the Eddie Aikau ceremony at Waimea Bay, where the top big wave surfers in the world gather to compete in memory of the legendary Eddie Aikau. At Surfer Poll Awards, John pretty much won everything, including besting Jimmy Slade in taking #1 on the ranks & all the awards for his new flick, View From A Blue Moon. Our boy Nathan Florence also took home a nice little award for that insane cavernous barrel he tackled in Tahiti. The people have spoken on who they still like to watch surf, and it’s pretty on point. That’s all for now, more next week. Thanks kids.

monster-children-russo_knutson_johnJohn came in from a sesh at logs only to grab his Leica (housed in a plastic bag) and jam out to shoot his friends.

monster-children-brewers-clubJohn, Koa Rothman, Koa Smith & Ivan Florence starting the process of brewing their own brand IPA…Could this be a new business venture?

monster-children-brewingWeird science.

monster-children-eddieBosses lined up at the Eddie.

monster-children-OblowMark Oblow & Taylor Dunfee capturing the soul of Tom Carroll.

monster-children-eddie-2Brock Little, Sunny Garcia, Nate Fletcher & Tom Carroll all with the same sized smile as young Jett Schilling.

monster-children-gilmoresBWAlways lovely running into the Gilmore sisters.

monster-children-Jett-MitchGuys with stuff in their hands (Jett Schilling & Mitch Abshere).

monster-children-herbjohnGuys with cameras in their hands (Herbie Fletcher & John Florence).

monster-children-leila-lizzySurf & skate coexisting with Leila Hurst & Lizzy Armanto.

monster-children-surferpollSurfer Poll Awards kickoff.

monster-children-noa-mahinaNoa Deane was in attendance to represent his short film, Tuff.

monster-children-natejamesNathan Florence accepting his Best Barrel award for his performance at Teahupo’o.

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