Two Sides to Every Shot

Ah, there’s nothing like a photography competition to pit people against each other bring people together. Here’s a heartwarming story of how this year’s 2015 MC Photo Comp did just that. Photographer Ryan Smith, who was a finalist in this year’s Levi’s music category, entered this incredible shot of a punk show he attended some years back:


Photographer James Adams stumbled upon the shot and recognized a face sitting on a fridge to the left of the frame. The face was his. So, he sent us pics of the night from his angle. From what he can remember, the show took place 6 or 7 years ago.


“I’d heard about all of these young guys with thrashy garage punk/hardcore bands playing in one of their mum’s storage sheds, so I started showing up and shooting it. It was very emotionally driven as a few months earlier, one of their band mates had been killed while riding his skateboard, hit by a woman driving on drugs.”

As for the names of the bands who played that night, “There were multiple bands. None of which exist any more: Ghosttown, Germhead, and Die Go Die.

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monster-children-photo-comp-shots-3 Ghosttown

monster-children-photo-comp-shots-2 Ghosttown


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