Tour Diary: Violent Soho


Time to celebrate another amazing tour put on by Mansfield’s finest, Violent Soho. After hyping up crowds all over Australia and New Zealand with their new single ‘Like Soda‘, bassist Luke Henery graciously offered us a peek behind the scenes of their tour via this giant wad of snaps taken on the road. Obviously, we accepted, because look how good they are. What a man of many talents that Henery is. Also, we hope you like vandalism and bongs. 

All photos and captions by Luke Henery


Luke Boerdam warming up at The Zoo in Brisbane before our first show on the ‘Like Soda’ Tour. If only he knew how hot it would be when we played maybe he would have worn shorts.


Listen to Fugazi and anything on Poison city records.


Listen to Vol 4.


James working on costume for the show. I reckon he could get a gig in Andrew WK’s band with this get up.


James testing his new costume.


James taking his meds.


I miss going to Dollar Bar shows.


Playing with Palms always brings the babes.


RIP Jay Adams.


Weak Boys were so rad!!


Our Manager Nick Yates telling secrets back stage.


DZ Deathrays keeping the party going, while Johann checks his tinder.


Airports are weird!


We were stoked that the tour timed out to make it down to Callum Preston’s Bootleg to the Future show. It was crazy good!!


Grabbed a delicious sandwich from Smith and Deli in Fitzroy.


You have to keep your lingerie behind bars and under constant surveillance in Richmond.


 First time we’ve seen our old manager in years! always a good time with David Benge!!


My kind of vintage shop.


Made it to Groovy records, stoked to get to this awesome shop before it moves.


Looking out the window of the band room, the roof seems like a good spot to store your excess gas. I put my camera down after this and drunk a bunch of beers and watched Rackets who ruled. After the show we relived a bunch of memories with David Benge then realised we would be able to sneak in a quick 40 minute nap before heading to the airport to make our way home. The tour was super quick but it was so good to get out and play again, can’t wait for Laneway Festival so we can get back on the road! I never get tired of this shit.

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