Sage Vaughn for (Chocolate) RED

A while back, Sage Vaughn found himself deep in a k-hole of painting flora and the result is pretty spectacular.  So spectacular, that the charity (RED) and Chocolate Skateboards did a run of boards with Vaughn’s graphics on them in honor of World AIDS Day, as a means of contributing to the fight to end AIDS in Africa.

Did your holiday savings weekend get out of hand? Did you trample a lonely old woman in a Wal-Mart vestibule over a TV set at sunrise last Friday? Here’s a chance to re-calibrate the old karma and finally get some much-needed sleep. AIDS has killed 34 million people since its discovery in 1983; while more than 37 million people are currently living with HIV. Mothers continue to pass the virus to their children in startling numbers, which is where these decks come in. One of these Chocolate x Vaughn x (RED) boards buys twenty-three days worth of life-saving anti-retroviral treatment for a mother in Africa. So you can feel good knowing you spent your money on saving lives while simultaneously investing in the absolute most useful thing you can think of: a skateboard. A damn pretty skateboard.

The decks can be copped here.

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