monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-5Tanner Gudauskas on the ever so famed North Shore bike path – Photos and Words by Nolan Hall

We’re pretty much halfway through our journey together. Thanksgiving was this week! I know most of you Australian folk don’t really care, but us Americans get to shove copious amounts of food into our flavor snouts, reflect on what we’ve got, and sloth into a food coma for the remainder of the day. And Hawaii ain’t a bad place for any of those things.

The Triple Crown’s second jewel, Vans World Cup, is under way and that means we’re closer to the start of Pipe Masters. But in week three of our precious time together here on the Monster Kids online trough of content, we ventured over to Makaha for a Thanksgiving meal with the Leong Ohana & the Stoke-O-Rama, a surf event held for resident kids of the west side only. The Gudauskas bros & Vans connected with Duane Desoto and his non-profit organization, Na Kama Kai, to put on a truly amazing event for the youth of Oahu’s west side. We entered over 60 kids into the event, and hung out all day on the beach for a day of pure stoke. Stay tuned & Aloha!

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-1Dane Gudauskas & Tomas Hermes reviewing some water shots with photog, Daniel Russo.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-2Tosh & Joel Tudor.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-4Nate Fletcher unlocks a coconut, while Ivan and Nathan Florence stonewall my camera lens.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-7Photographer Devin Briggs feels the Mana of a North Shore noseslide at the Banzai Skate Park right.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-8Two Tigers showed up for Thanksgiving at Makaha.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-9The Leong family having a laugh at an instagram of Pat Gudauskas.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-3Gugangs packing goodie bags for the Stoke-O-Rama Makaha.


monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-12Duane DeSoto & Dane Gudauskas passing the positivity on the mic.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-11Perfect waves.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-14The future of Oahu’s west side.

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-weekthree-15 Moroni Naho’oikaika & Stone played a few songs after the contest wrapped.



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