Todd Francis Pigeon Collection


“No human being can go on living in the same house with a pigeon, a pigeon is the epitome of chaos and anarchy, a pigeon that whizzes around unpredictably, that sets it’s claws in you, picks at your eyes, a pigeon that never stops spoiling and spreading the filth and havoc of bacteria and meningitis virus, … you won’t be able to leave your room ever again, will have to starve, will suffocate in your excrement…”

― Patrick Süskind, The Pigeon

Judging by artist Todd Francis’s latest collection, he and acclaimed German author Patrick Süskind wouldn’t have gotten along too well. Francis loves those filthy, spoiled bacteria carriers. In fact, he’s so comfortable with the stout-bodied birds he’s released the ‘Dirty Dozen’ painting collection. Curated by Yong-Ki Chang and exclusively for Equal Dist, there are 12 Pigeons in this set, each 5″ x 7″ with ink and watercolor on paper stock and signed by the sketch master himself. Get your hands on a dozen of the feathered fowls HERE.

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