West to East Roadtrip

Justin Ching recently went on a cross country camping/skateboarding road trip with some friends, shooting on a Hasselblad along the way. Here are the results.

Photos and Captions by Justin Ching.

monster-children-justin-chingWe set out from San Jose, CA across the west to camp and explore. We wanted to end up on the east coast to skate and hang out with friends we haven’t seen in awhile.

monster-children-justin-ching-2Before setting up camp

monster-children-justin-ching-3We met this interesting guy who was stranded on his friends property. He said he lost over 100 lbs, has been shot at, and is trying to sell his figurines as a way to make ends meet.



monster-children-justin-ching-6Tourist stop – Cadillac Ranch

monster-children-justin-ching7Joey wallie in Richmond, VA

monster-children-justin-ching-roadtripBrandon Nguyen half cab in NY

monster-children-justin-ching-Jazz-LeebJazz Leeb 50 in NY

monster-children-Jazz-Leeb gap-backsidejpgJazz Leeb gap to backside wallride in NY

monster-children-Joey GuevaraJoey Guevara back 50 across and down in NY

13 monster-children-Joey Guevara-ollieJoey Guevara ollie in NY

monster-children-Shaun BaptistaShaun Baptista melon in NY

monster-children-Miguel-ValleMiguel Valle switch 50 in NY

monster-children-justin-ching-MiguelValleMiguel Valle switch front board in NY

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