Maxim Ludwig

Here’s a groove to set your week in motion. Singer/songwriter and leading contender for strongest name of 2015, Maxim Ludwig, has just dropped his new single, and it’s prettier than his dolled up face by the end of this clip.

Directed by Thaddeus Ruczika, the video for ‘Assembly Line’ was shot in the Downtown warehouse where Maxim worked as the foreman and supply chain manager for a premium packaging and box set company. “I wrote ‘Assembly Line’ there during my lunch breaks”, he explains. “I was not prepared for how deeply the transformation was going to affect me and how raw my feelings were going to come through on screen. I wanted to look fucking hot and they couldn’t do it. It sent me into a depression as it was happening and you can see how empty and heavy I become.”

Apparently, Maxim’s inability to transform into a drop-dead fox made him empathize with women and how tough we have it in terms of superficial judgment and self-esteem issues. No make up can cover up the pain of self-loathe, Maximus Ludwigius, no matter how steadfast the concealer. I’m sorry you had to learn that the hard way.

Catch Maxim in Los Angeles this Friday, November 27 at The Echo with PAPA, Astronauts, etc., & GROUPLOVE (DJ) at Something Good: Presented By Hit City U.S.A. Tix here.

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