6 Weeks of Aloha: Week One

monster-children-nolan-hall-aloha-10John C. Reilly, John John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny at the VFABM premiere

Photos and words by Nolan Hall

Week one on the North Shore is always a bit of a slow start. Everyone trickles in from their flights, guys are warming up boards for the contest, and getting settled for the season ahead.

This year, we had a little more action than usual. John John & Blake Kueny premiered their new film View From A Blue Moon, under a new moon, at Sunset Beach Elementary. Almost everyone in or associated with the film was in attendance, including the film’s narrator, John C. Reilly. The film is crazy, I won’t go into detail, but if you weren’t lucky enough to hit one of the premieres, you’re bummed. I’ll be reporting live from Oahu’s North Shore each week, we got five more of these moments together, so come back for more.


Ehukai Beach Park is where people post up and surf all day. Crowd factor was up this day, as were the waves.


Every morning, Nathan stops by our house to hang out for a bit, have some coffee, talk shit & check the waves. Herbie & Dibi are in town right now too, so epic to see these three hangin’ in the yard.


With three generations of Fletchers, had to take the opportunity to snap a quick portrait.


Patrick Gudauskas with a couple fresh knives for the north shore.


Filmers on the north shore see it all. This is our filmer, Reagan. Just like the camaraderie in the water, is the same on sand. All the filmers and photographers know each other, and it’s a rad community of some highly skilled individuals.


JP Olson painting Nathan Florence’s new Pyzel. This one might get some action out at Pipe in the coming weeks.


CR Stecyk III runnin’ game during setup for the premiere of View From A Blue Moon.


VFABM north shore premiere took place at Sunset Beach Elementary School’s massive field, it was a full house.


Chris Cote on the decks with Bill Ballard at VFABM.


VFABM’s Eli Olson, Jack Robinson & Koa Smith.


John welcoming everyone & starting the show.


Some of the cast & crew at VFABM


John made sure all of Sunset Beach Elementary got the best seat in the house, right up front.

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