10 Things I Hate, with Tin Ojeda

Argentinian Tin Ojeda is the founder of the t-shirt company Drug Money Art, which came out with the original “Death to Hipsters” tee that was reproduced all over the place … and he forgot to trademark it.

He’s also made a couple of experimental surf films: Kook Paradise and Daughter, the latter of which features Rob Kulisek, Kassia Meador, Derek Hynd, Scotty Stopnik, among others. Zak Bush got on a call with the Montauk-based surfer to get him to offer over a little bit of hate.


Tin: Who’s there!

Zak: Did you get good waves the other day? I bet you did, you fuck.

Yeah. No filming, just surfing. No Milky. We filmed the day before though. And then Mikey [Detemple]’s like, “Oh I don’t think there’ll be waves tomorrow.” And I’m like, “No I think there will be dude.” And he’s like, “No way! It’s not going to be good tomorrow!” Then I woke up in the morning and it’s three times the size and pumping. And that freaking idiot has his phone off.

What a bum.

I know.

So Tin, I need to ask you ten things that you hate. What are ten things that you hate?

I’m so glad you’re not asking me where the name Daughter came from. I HATE when people ask me that.

When is the next Daughter coming out, that’s one. What is number two?

Ah. Ten things. Oh man. I’ve gotta think about it.

Well just off the top of your head. I know there’s tons of stuff that you hate.

Yeah I do. Fuck. Um.

I know there’s amazing things going on in there.

I hate three fins.

You hate tri-fins.

Just three fins, not tri-fins.

You hate three fins.

And two as well.

You also hate two fins.


That’s number three.

I hate crowded waves. Unless it’s friends.

It could be anything. It doesn’t have to be about surfing. It could be bagels on your turn signal on your Volvo.

I hate drugs. I don’t like drugs.

You don’t like drugs.

No. They’re bad for you. Like any drugs, not just recreational drugs, from like a nosal spray to an Advil.

You hate Advil too.

No! No! No! I don’t hate Advil. I actually really like Advil. I hate nosal spray so bad.

Oh, nasal spray.

Yeah that shit’s so bad.

Okay we’ve got you at 5. We have five things that you hate.

Oh shit. What else could I hate. I hate hate. No. No. I love hate. Um. I don’t hate Zak Bush. I love Zak Bush.

This isn’t things that you love, Tin. This is things that you hate.

Right. Let me think. What else do I hate? I could say digital cameras, but that would be a little bit hypocrite cause I shoot a lot of digital with my iPhone. Right?

Yeah exactly.

That wouldn’t work.

Well we’ll put that in there anyway. Okay, that’s six. You hate digital cameras.

I hate when my wife doesn’t surf. Yeah because she gets really cranky.

She gets really cranky?

Yeah. I hate when I run out of film. Oh! I hate when Mike Detemple falls into the wave. Wait, did you put Mikey in there? Actually yeah, let’s put Mikey in there.


Let’s see. I hate uncomfortable t-shirts.

Because you’re into comfortable t-shirts.

Yeah. I like comfortable t-shirts. Um. I hate Monster Children.

No you don’t. You don’t hate Monster Children.

How many more do you need?

I think that we’re probably at ten by now.

Okay. If you think of anyone else that I hate just add that on. Damn dude. This was the best interview of my life.

Thanks Tin.

Last time I did an interview, I was on the phone for two hours and maybe 25 minutes.

That’s absurd.

But it was for like a 16-page spread article.

Yeah. This is not a 16-page spread article.

I wanted a spread.

I know you wanted to spread, but you hate long interviews.


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