Tame Impala – Sydney Opera House

Photos: Lincoln Jubb

Psychedelic overlords Tame Impala took to the Forecourt Sydney Opera House last night for a show that broke the Opera House’s interweb when tickets first went on sale, forcing a second sold out show to be announced twelve hours later.

The demand to see Tame Impala play at one of Sydney’s most iconic venues was as high as Sultan Kosen. Tame’s latest album, Currents, is a pure, complex album, written, recorded, performed, and produced entirely by Kevin Parker. It’s peak Kevin, and music critics have acclaimed it as a physical pleasure to listen to, which can only mean that they are touching themselves for it’s 51 minute duration. So it was no wonder the crowd were frantically chanting Kevin’s name moments before Tame wandered barefoot on to the stage.

The psychic visuals over powered the sound for the first few songs as Tame drifted from ‘Intro’ into ‘Let it Happen’, and by the third song the crowd had gone from chanting “Kevin! Kevin!” to “Turn it up! Turn it up!” Thankfully, the Opera House obliged and within moments the sweet psychedelic sounds of Tame resonated from the stage speakers and spread itself thick over the crowd. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge made for an incredible backdrop as the rest of the set went off without a hitch. Tame Impala will once again take to the Opera House Forecourt this evening for their second sold-out show. If you’re lucky enough to be going, you’re in for a real treat.











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