TRAAMS – Modern Dancing

TRAAMS – Modern Dance

I miss Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! It’s so fun singing along to their old records, namely their self-titled debut album. You can sort of just open your mouth and slap your tongue around, jutting your jaw from left to right as you yell. None of the words need to be decipherable—in fact, they don’t even need to be words at all. TRAAMS provide a similar outlet for all your drunken yodeling desires. Even their band name isn’t a real word. They don’t seem interested in forming articulate verses, but rather thrashing about the place, sans dictionary or care. The West Sussex three-piece is one big ball of messy energy on their second release, Modern Dancing, and its vibe is so ‘water off a ducks back’, it’s almost quacking. That’s not to say this record is thoughtless—far from it, actually. The lyrics are at times sombre and reflective, like in ‘Silver Lining’, when vocalist Stuart Hopkins deadpans, “How long / How long / How long till the silver lining? / I keep crying out but it don’t look likely.” Ironically, I think Hopkins will find his sterling ray of hope will arrive November 13—album release day.

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