Tour Diary: City Calm Down

Melbourne four-piece City Calm Down are gearing up to unleash their debut full length, In A Restless House, this Friday, November 6.

They recently returned from a tour around Australia, where they managed to drum up quite the frenzy around their upcoming release. Along the way, they snapped photos of their daily adventures with what we can only surmise was an early 2000’s flip phone camera, judging by the quality of the images provided. That, or they were perpetually too drunk to pull focus. All good guys, if the rest of the album sounds anything like your song, ‘Wandering’, or the new single, ‘Son’, you’ll make enough dough to get your hands on an iPhone 3 in no time.

All Photos and captions by the band. Take it away folks.


Our good friend Jess always has us stay when we’re up in Brisbane. We have no idea why. Lee is trying to impress us all with his recent bicep gains.


“The loaning of oversized baggage trolleys from domestic airport terminals is at threat from irresponsible musicians who refuse to return them”, a member of airport staff said to us recently. Do we look that troublesome?


“Eat one of my chips… and I kill you” said the friendly drummer.


“So our sound engineer Andy decided spending another summer being mistaken for Jesus was probably unnecessary…chop chop.”


An intense game of lawn bowls is taking place opposite the coffee shop we’re at. We can hear one old codger asking another old codger if he wants to take it to the car park. 


Jack Bourke, getting business done.


“Didn’t I tell you flogs not to drink piss in the car while I’m driving?” – Jack Bourke.


Check your speed limit mate. 


Foreign/National kicking ass and taking names.


“Mate, that’s not how you call the lobby – I’ll sort it” – Fin Bradley


Our FOH engineer, Andy, just after blasting the lads from Foreign/National for being too chummy with Jeremy and Lee. Bastards.

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