Photo: Tom Servais / Rider: Andy Irons Loc: Teahupoo, Tahiti Andy was thinking of not taking off, but his brother Bruce was right there yelling at him to go. Free falling to the bottom of the wave, Andy set his edge at the bottom of the wave and gets a perfect barrel, only to be spit out at the end. He calls it the wave of his career. Big wave charger Shane Dorian can be seen swimming in the wave face, as he was trying to shoot a photo with his ten dollar disposable camera! Camera: Canon 1v / 200mm 1/1600th @ f3.5

Remembering A.I

November 2nd 2015, marks the 5th year since the passing of one of the world’s greatest ever surfers, Andy Irons. Archival footage of A.I brings back those memories of Andy and just how good he actually was, like you ever forgot. Our pals over at Stab Magazine gathered three of the best surfers on the planet right now, handed them a board bag of Andy’s old boards and took them to one of the places where Andy really came to life, the Mentawai Islands. Watch Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino and Noa Deane give their best impersonations of Andy’s backside blast on his old boards, cut in between interviews with Bruce and some of the best moments from Andy’s career. #AIforever

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