Making you look at the shortlisted entries in the Corona Extra Travel Category through your computer screen is pretty punishing. But spare a thought for us—we still somehow have to pick a winner from this bunch. If you thought you were itching to take a trip before, you’re gonna be covered in full-blown hives by the time you scroll to the bottom of this batch.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered, and even if you don’t find yourself amongst this list, you still did a bloody good job, the lot of ya. You can pre-order Issue #49 with all the winners and finalists printed on the finest paper in the world right here.

AdrianGuerin-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-TRavel Adrian Guerin

AlmondJoe-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Joe Almond

AndyStaley-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Andy Staley

FabriceToussaint-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-TRavel Fabrice Toussaint

JacobDoubleyou-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Jacob Wallwork

JacobHoward-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel2 Jacob Howard

JonasKrantz-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Jonas Krantz

LajosVarga-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Lajos Varga

KainGlover-TravelKain Glover

LBWalesIV-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel2 LB Wales IVMarcusHaney-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Marcus Haney

MarkSherborne--Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Mark Sherborne

MaxWanger-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Max Wanger

MaxxBuchanan-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-Travel Maxx Buchanan

ZacharySnellenberger-Monster-Children-Photo-Comp-TravelZachary Snellberger


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