‘Boys of Summer’ are coming to Sydney.



‘It would be difficult to add to what Don Henley has already said on the matter. Boys Of Summer is the type of project that is built on a foundation of long socks and short stacks. The type of thing that only happens when friends get together for clowning, carving, shooting and fruiting. Shirts off with a wet cigarette behind your ear and a bag of corn nuts. No wheeled lay-backs and white girls with #at-backs. Brown skin shinin’ in the sun, got that hair slicked back and those sunglasses on..

– Boys Of Summer

Featuring and Filmed by:

Andrew Allen, Jerry Hsu, Kevin“Spanky” Long, Eric Dressen, Alex Olson, Tino Razo, Mike Carroll, Guy Mariano, Atiba/Ako Jefferson, Erik Ellington, Bryan Herman, Rick McCrank, Sammy Winter, Tyshawn Jones, Jason Dill, Jeff Potocar, Ron Chapman, AVE, Rhino, Jason Jessee, Dylan Rieder, Vincent Alvarez, Akira, Javier Nunez, Lance Mountain, Cash Matthews, Eric Koston, Robbie Gangemi, Stevie Perez, Rick Howard, Malcolm Watson, Kenny Anderson, Sage Elsesser, Cody Green, Andrew Reynolds, Scuba Steve, Wieger Van Wageningen, Sean Pablo, Mark Gonzales, Gino Iannucci, Logan Lara, Neckface, Nakel Smith, John Cardiel, Daryl Angel, Nico Chiat, Aiden, Bill Strobeck, Elijah Berle, Joel Meinholz, Rowan Zorilla, Sean Malto, Omar Salazar, Brian Anderson, Cory Kennedy plus more

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