Holy shit. That’s what you’re gonna be saying as you scroll through the shortlisted images from Patagonia‘s Action Category.

We’ve stewed long and hard over the incredible entries this year, and somehow we’ve narrowed it down to the following photographs. A huge thank you to everyone who entered, and even if you don’t find yourself amongst this list, you still did a bloody good job, the lot of ya. You can pre-order Issue #49 with all the winners and finalists printed on the finest paper in the world right here.

DanielZvereff-@misterzvereff-ActionDaniel Zvereff

Monster-children-photocomp-action-ZacHeathZac Heath

Monster-children-photocomp-action-RyanCraigRyan Craig

Monster-children-photocomp-action-MattyChatburnMatty Chatburn

Monster-children-photocomp-action-QuinnMatthewsQuinn Matthews

Monster-children-photocomp-action-MikeBelleme-2Mike Belleme

Monster-children-photocomp-action-FraserSprattFraser Spratt

RyanAllan-ActionRyan Allan

Monster-children-photocomp-action-JonathanMehringJonathan Mehring

Monster-children-photocomp-action-GabeLheureuxGabe L’Heureux

Monster-children-photocomp-action-MikeBellemeMike Belleme

Monster-children-photocomp-action-MorganMaassenMorgan Maassen

Monster-children-photocomp-action-MiloszRebesMilosz Rebes

Monster-children-photocomp-action-JohnBartonJohn Barton

Monster-children-photocomp-action-AndersHomenickAnders Homenick

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