4 To Watch: Stef Mitchell

Stef Mitchell is an Australian photographer who fled the retirement village of Lane Cove for the bright lights of NYC and hasn’t looked back. Stef’s photography is a whimsical spur of the moment depiction of her life and surroundings in NY and beyond. Her camera allowing her to access parts of people that you can see and feel, removing the barrier between photographer and subject.




Not confined to photography Stef’s obsession with imagery are inspiration for her drawings recently featured in her own show at MILK Gallery.

The selection of  pictures scribbled with ball point pen on notebooks are a subtly sexy vision of women, pop culture icons and cheeky musings penned while procrastinating on the job as a photo assistant.

“I was working for a photographer as his assistant and almost all the jobs we did were at Milk. I guess I was a pretty bad photo assistant as I was fired in December because of the drawings.” – Stef Mitchell


Stef’s drawings have also been adapted for a series of limited edition Prize Pins that will be available through Monster Children leading into Christmas this year, stay tuned. The future is bright, so is she and this is why she is one to watch.


Name, age, astrological sign: Stef Mitchell, 28, Leo

Location: Lower east side, New York City

Reason for becoming a photographer: Avoiding an office job.

Equipment: A couple of point-and-shoots, a 5D and, is Santa is good to me, a Leica M7.

Favourite things to shoot: Mostly humans and the East Village.

Photographers you’re inspired by: Robert Frank, Ari Marcopoulos, Bill Henson, Hedi Slimane, Mikael Jansson.

Finish this sentence: The minute they see me, fear me. I’m the epitome… PUBLIC ENEMY. I had to google that.

Plan B in the event photography goes belly-up: Sell fake handbags on Canal Street.

Five-year plan: To own a cat called Phil Collins.

See the rest of our 4 To Watch feature in this years Photo Annual on sale now. 

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