4 Reasons Why Unyoked Should be Your Next Holiday

If Wi-Fi’s a drug, then we’re all hardcore addicts.

Most of us could do with a little digital unyoking, and that’s the thinking behind Unyoked, the burn-out remedy and best way to spend a weekend with absolutely zero stress. Brothers Chris and Cam Grant have created six solar-powered, environmentally sustainable slices of paradise in hidden locations across Sydney and Melbourne, and the cabins are booking out fast. Here’s four reasons why you need to jump on Unyoked before you miss out.

There’s No Wi-Fi

You really can’t get more disconnected from work emails, people you feel obliged to follow on social media, and life responsibilities than this. Think of all the things you can do without internet: read a book, cook a meal on the campfire, go for a hike, rig up your own outdoor cinema, stare into your significant other’s eyes for long stretches of time. The world and this cabin is your oyster.

Unyoked Cabins are Small Slices of Heaven

Minimal and mobile, the Grant brothers have put their design expertise to good use in the construction of their six (and counting) cabins. They’re built to be tucked into remote, usually inaccessible locations, and through minimalist design bring a focus back to rituals instead of routine. Plus, you’re completely secluded, which means no noisy neighbours to keep you up with shitty trance music and shrieking like Nepalese mountain goats at each other’s shitty jokes at 4am. You know who you are.

They’re Less Than Two Hours From the City

Us Australians are notorious for preferring overseas travel to adventuring in our own backyard. But why not punctuate the monotony of your 9-5 with relaxing weekends away that’ll make you feel lightyears from city life, and hurt the bank account a little less than that bottle service table you got in Mykonos? They don’t call us the lucky country for nothing.

Everyone Wins

Unyoked cabins are built in partnership with local landowners, meaning previously inaccessible or under-utilised land generates income for local landowners and NGOs. Sounds a thousand times better than destroying another beachfront and local ecosystem with another concrete monstrosity, right?

Time to get Unyoked, book yourself in right here.


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