3D Print World Famous Artworks With Scan the World

Using 3D scanning technology, an open-source library is sharing over 18,000 of the world’s most iconic artworks and cultural artifacts.

Kinda nuts when you think about it. You go to their website, select Michelangelo’s ‘David’, hit print and score a free replica of a 500-year-old sculpture of a ripped cat with a tiny pecker. Amazing.

Hot Cup of Milo

‘In making culture accessible,’ says the person who wrote the mission statement for the Scan the World website, ‘communities are encouraged to share their scans, stories, and creations with the goal to bring tangible heritage to the masses.’ That’s nice. 3D printing has been around for ages, but I still find it weird. Good weird, but weird. It only got weirder when I found out you can 3D print parts for your 3D printer… Weird.

Michelangelo’s David: hung like a cashew

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