Back to the Feature, not Future

It just struck 4.29PM on October 21 in the U.S., which was the date and time Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled in 1989’s Back to the Future II. 

By now you’ve read all the clever articles comparing what the movie predicted this day would look like versus the reality of 2015, and holy shit, Nike just dropped that self-lacing shoes will be available in 2016. But the real news is that we here at MC were way ahead of the rest of ’em, and filmed a short some months ago with the legendary skateboarder Mike Carroll called Back to the Feature. Get it? We asked Mike to recreate an iconic shot that influenced his career. He chose to recreate Mickey Reyes backside wallride at 24th and Mission in San Francisco. The original shot appeared in 1986.

Enjoy Back to the Feature. Great Scott!


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