Evan Hecox

You may know Evan Hecox as an artist with a fine eye for lines and composition, but did you know his ear is even more refined? For Mr.Hecox has put together a playlist so exquisitely curated, it transports you to the same dusty desert earth you find in his recent works simply by pressing play. So sit back, relax, and let the arid air surround you. An oasis will be appearing shortly.

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a playlist or mix-tape?

Mood, thinking about what sort of feeling you want to conjure.

What’s the theme of your playlist?

Desert Dust.

What activity/activities would your playlist best compliment?

Driving out in the middle of nowhere, especially the desert. Something to listen to on desolate, open roads while I’m out looking for weird stuff to take photos of.

Are there any songs on there that you’re a little embarrassed by?

Not really, although I suppose making a road trip mix is a little cliché, but I like all the songs one here.

Were you a mix-tape maker back in the cassette days? If so, what was your specialty?

Yeah, I started very low-tech, making mixes on cassette from a single record player. Nothing special, just common popular rock I listened to in middle school. In high school things got a little better with 80’s skate-rock type music, punk and new wave. I didn’t really get good at making mixes until the 90’s when I had a CD burner and a second player that I would record from. Then later I started mixing from two records and a digital recorder. Now I just make playlists like everyone else. I miss actually mixing and crossfading the music though, that’s where the art of it comes in.


‘Paris, Texas’ – Ry Cooder

‘No Werewolf’ – Allah-Las

‘Thank You’ – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

‘The Swag’ – Link Wray

‘Harsh Realm’ – Widowspeak

‘Frontera’ – Calexico

‘Snake Song’ – Townes Van Zandt

‘Walkin’ Boss’ – Sam Amidon

‘Banacle Beat’ – The Growlers

‘Booth At the Mall’ – Scotdrakula

‘Coyote Blood’ – Mystic Braves

‘Echo Lake’ – Woods

‘Mind Daze’ – Psychic Ills

‘Valient Brave’ – Ganglians

‘Girl Called Alex’ – Kurt Vile

‘Manifold De Amour’ – Latin Playboys

‘Moonshiner’ – Kevin Morby

‘Waterfall’ – The Fresh & Onlys

‘So On, Nevada’ – Damien Jurado

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