Yoshi Tanenbaum in My Man’s and Them 2

Centers of government in the U.S. are some of the best places to skate while being some of the hardest places to get away with it. Delightful, sturdy, expensive granite marble plazas dedicated to abstractions like “justice” and memorializing dead guys who killed people are protected around the clock by pissy dropouts yearning for a sense of purpose.

Continuing the D.C. legacy of line curators and ledge tacticians such as Pepe Martinez and Bobby Worrest, Yoshi Tanenbaum’s new part is up to snuff. Radical in the level of skill on the skateboard, and resilient in getting it done despite the hairy arm of the law, this dude brings new flavor to the oft-travelled lines of Pulaski, and even carves out a few new ones. God bless America for flaunting its self-importance through the construction of big, expensive public spaces that only the homeless and skateboarders will ever use. We taught the world how to waste shit.

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