Ezekiel Fall 15 Surf


Ezekiel Clothing has a team of remarkable cameramen, young and crazy lads who drag their bags and boards into the damn middle of nowhere for kicks.

They always report back with wonderfully casual trip summaries, accompanied by a bounty of pictures so inviting it’s as if you were along for the party. Surf photographer Michael Cukr photographed the Fall 15 Surf trip, where they “went up to SF/ Santa Cruz, ran around the city, went to a tiki bar, went to a roller rink, surfed, etc.” The etcetera is always an important detail (chasing pigeons, writing poetry in the forest, probably throwing up on the Bart).

Enjoy Michael’s latest surf short, along with his photographs from the Ezekiel Surf ’15 Trip.

It is a pleasure to greet the morning with a buzzing haze of lethargic excitement, a physical self grounded by the weight of the past and a non-physical self drifting with expectations of the future. The cosmic, city sunrise shines it’s cold light on a quintessential Fall morning in San Francisco. — Featured team surfer Kyle Kennelly.




With winds out of the east-northeast and a desolate dawn, the beach dunes seem more like the moon than the shoreline of a thriving metropolitan area. It’s a tranquil place to seamlessly engage your attention to the present. Sincere propulsion from a dying swell’s final seconds after a lifetime of traveling across the Earth offers a harmonious relationship to tango in the now. — Kyle Kennelly.





These interactions provide a rare high as you oscillate around the waveform’s turbulent power center with an involved interaction that can only be engaged by a convex bottom contour. The whole world melts away when this type of presence encapsulates you, bliss beyond duality, as you effortlessly glide on your fiberglass magic carpet, teeming with a buzz of creative energy, lightness, fullness, centered. You’re ready to step back into the bustling city and go on with your day knowing that the positive energy gathered will provide you with the stability anyone could need for what challenges may arise. — Kyle Kennelly.




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