Victoria Vergara-QuinnM0001Photos and Captions by Quinn Matthews

When Quinn Matthews was 12 years old, he took photos of lakes and Elk in Idaho, but it wasn’t until he moved to Laguna Beach at 18 that he started taking photos seriously. When we asked if there’s anything he regrets not shooting, he couldn’t really think of a particular situation—which always a good sign. Since he spends a lot of time in the water, we asked him what he’d do if he saw a shark swimming towards him. “I’d start yelling for Mick Fanning”, he said. Here’s a selection of some of Quinn’s best work.


Warren G shot in the East side of Long Beach for 23FIFTN’s release of his new album. 

Hong Kong-QuinnM0001

A natural infinity pool in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong-QuinnM0002

My parents live in Hong Kong and when I visit there’s a ton of locations to shoot, like this venice-esque scene. 


Jack Robinson surfs North Point better than anyone. 

Kolohe Andino-West Aus-QuinnM0001

Kolohe surfed 9 hours this day, I shot water for most of it. Someone told us 3 sharks swam by when we were out. 

Laguna Beach-QuinnM0001

I normally don’t like empty wave shots, but this time I do.

John John Florence-QuinnM0001

John John in Europe last year. 

Nat Young-QuinnM0001

Nat Young under the cliffs in Portugal, he had just broken one of his favorite boards. 

Noa Deane-QuinnM0001

Noa Deane in Western Australia when filming for Cluster. 


I did a 5 day mountain bike tour through South Vietnam this year. This was during one of the short breaks every 30km. 

Ian Crane-Indo-QuinnM0001

Ian Crane in Indonesia.


Kolohe in Indonesia filming for his movie, Brother.

Tanner Rozunko-QuinnM0001

Tanner Rozunko is the bee’s knees, this is him in Indo.


After the bike tour in Vietnam I went North on a boat to all these floating villages. This cluster of houses was the village’s school. 

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