Dime Glory Challenge

You can save your Street Leagues and your “X”-Treme Games, your 2020 Olympic Skateboarding inclusion, and while you’re at it, you can stuff your sorrys in a sack.  Dime MTL, in keeping up with their tongue-in-cheek allergy to bullshit, threw the skate event to end all skate events, with the first ever Dime Glory Challenge.

Pitting some of the greatest skateboarders the world has ever known against each other in a series of dangerous and hilarious challenges, (making them do flatground tricks going as fast as possible) the Dime Glory Challenge was everything we could have hoped for.  Competitors include Antoine Asselin, Alexis Lacroix, Dennis Busenitz, Jamal Smith, Aaron Herrington, Alex Davis, Jake Johnson, Kevin Lowry, Forrest Edwards, Lee Yankou, and many more.  Check out the full coverage here, in all its drunken hilarity, complete insanity, and downright brilliance.

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