WOULD YOU RATHER? With Celestial Shore

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There is no easier, faster, weirder way to get to know someone than to ask them 5 Would You Rather questions. Meet/judge Max Almario, drummer of Brooklyn-based band Celestial Shore.

Q. Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or have the ability to talk to animals?

A. I talk to animals everyday but they never talk to me.

Q. Would you rather have a paper cut that never heals, or a bee sting you once a day?

A. I’d rather get stung by a bee every day because that has the potential to turn into a super power. i.e. being able to farm honey without a beekeeper suit on. Plus paper cuts are the worst! Have you ever gotten lemon juice in a paper cut?

Q. Would you rather have a penis as a thumb, or have a belly button on your forehead?

A.  If I had a belly button on my forehead I would put a glass eye in it so I could see into your soul.

Q. Would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life, or be Jennifer Aniston?

A. I once had the hiccups for 3 weeks straight. My teacher thought I was faking so she sent me away. Now I can’t long divide.

Q. Would you rather be blind or unable to play music?

Can I volunteer my sense of smell? Because, well, have you smelled New York?
Check out Celestial Shore’s single, ‘Valerie’ here. Their debut full-length, 10x, is out now, and it’s a real trip.

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