On the Road With Liam

monster-children-liam-criv-lens-11Photos and Captions by Liam Crivellaro

You may remember 16-year-old photographer Liam Crivellaro when we featured him earlier this year. We wanted to see more of his work, but he was busy ‘getting an education’ or something. Thankfully, school’s out for summer, and Liam hit the road with a couple of his mates, and most importantly, his camera. He covered a good chunk of the country, including Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Pennsylvania. Along the way, they slept in the Grand Canyon parking lot, took selfies with deer, touched the white sands of New Mexico and gasped in awe of the Northern Lights. Now that he’s back, Liam intends to ‘drink some coffee, surf a lot, shoot some pictures and plan the next trip.’
We’ll be waiting.


This was taken after walking up a hill in White Sands, New Mexico, when we were looking for hills to sled on. My brother was filming and was super hot and laid down in the sand, cause it was like 102 degrees out.


This one was at a rest area when were just goofing around, because we were in the car for a super long time, so my brother climbed on top of the bathroom. 


This was so awesome. We met this guy at Rincon Beach, California, that made shirts and stickers that had “no sup” signs on them, it was so rad. That guy was a character!


Also White Sands, honestly so crazy. Felt like we were on the moon.   


Saguaro National Park, after we woke up and were driving around looking for a cool spot to have breakfast. 


Right after I took this picture the people looked at me so pissed off. But it was worth it. I saw more selfie sticks at the Grand Canyon than I have ever seen in my life. 


Also Grand Canyon—figured I should take the same picture thousands of other people have, haha. Grand Canyon was really rad, especially being there for sunrise. 


Saguaro National Park. We drove down this road and on both sides there were hundreds of massive cactuses. For sure a most go place.


I took this on the way home. If you need a drink from the back of the car when its a 107 degrees, you got to do what you got to do.


This was taken in the parking lot of an Albuquerque, New Mexico skatepark. Was super hot so he was trying to get some shade in between sessions. Super fun skatepark.


East of Yosemite. Was a super awesome road we took, so why not skateboard down it?! Actually had people give the thumbs up and throw the shaka.


I took this in San Clemente at the hotel we were staying in. The air conditioning was leaking a bunch and every couple hours they would come by and empty this big bucket, but they gave up and it just overflowed.

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