boserio portraitPhoto by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

Riding high on two very heavy video parts in quick succession, and the nudge into pro status from Chief Jamie Thomas, Nick Boserio’s had one helluva year.

Hucking himself onto mammoth rails and into the crummiest hills he can find, Nick comes in like a ton of bricks and maims whatever’s in his path. What’s that guy eating? Gunpowder? Toddlers? I was curious, so I asked him to keep track of his diet for 72 hours. He came back with 96. Above and beyond—always giving it one hundred and thirty-three percent, am I right? Here’s the food that made it past his beard and into his system during a few days of skating L.A.


– Avocado and vegemite toast (with cherry tomatoes this time, uncommon add-on).  Made at home.

avo vegemite toast

– Half a bag of spicy lime salt fruit–you know the kind, from the Mexican vendor lady.   Split with my friend Taylor (it was his).

spicy lime fruit

– Definitely a couple handfuls of cashews, probs a pack of seaweed, maybe a mandarin.

–  Chicken shawarma plate with all the trimmings! from a place called Ta Eem Grill.



– Half a punnet of leftover honeydew melon and blueberries (still fresh from the day before because I squeezed lemon and put honey on it like a sickcunt) and a marble rye bagel with onion and cream cheese from Bagel Broker.


– Defs some more cashews and a couple mandarins maybe like 3-4.


– An Al pastor torta, a carne asada taco and a couple bites of a sope, with all the trimmings!



– Bacon and eggs on toast with a couple mushrooms chopped up in there and Sambal Oelek hot sauce.  Oh and half a mango, split with bae.


– Again a couple mandarins, probably a pack of seaweed and defs some cashews.

– Brittney, my wife, made dinner: delicious pumpkin, squash, and lentil coconut curry on spinach and brown rice. I added leftover bacon: so good.


Day 4 (yes, I have another day because it was a great food day)

– Same marble rye bagel with onion and cream cheese brekky.  Classic.

– No Esky snacks because I didn’t go skate all day.  I went to a cafe with my wife Britt in the afternoon for coffees and this awesome guy named Evan gave us free pie and chocolate bread pudding!


– for dinner Fos took me to one of the best Mexican taco spots I’ve ever been to.  I ate 5 tacos: 2 chorizo, 2 al pastor, and 1 carnitas.  All stunning, top 3 chorizo I’ve ever had for sure.  My second round I forgot to take a photo, I was too excited.


Boserio’s 27 years old, and grew up in the town of Perth in Western Australia. He’s been living in the States for a little over a year, riding for Nike SB, Zero Skateboards, Modus Bearings, and Indy Trucks. On the subject of food, he said, “I love food and eating, it’s in my inner circle of things that I care about and make me happy.” Thanks Nick. This makes me wanna fuck up some chorizo.

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